A new opportunity has arrived for young people pursuing the dream of becoming a filmmaker. 

CJ Cultural Foundation (directed by chairman Lee Jae-Hyun) announced on April 19th that applications are now open from April 19th to May 15th for the STORY UP short film production funding program contest. 

In addition to STORY UP’s scenario screenwriter funding program which has been helping young screenwriters since 2010, the foundation has decided to discover and nurture new directors through launching the new film production funding.

  This contest is open for anyone who has previous experience with short film production, and those in teams composed of “screenwriter and director”. The duration of the film must be 30 minutes long, and the final product along with the portfolio information should be submitted through CJ azit’s homepage. (http://www.cjazit.org). There is no limitation on the synopsis of the film, but it should be planned to be produced within this year.

Unlike most other programs that end upon the completion of the production, CJ Cultural Foundation plans to provide various opportunities for the creators of the films to enhance their results even after they submit the finished product.

In particular, selected participants will be funded 10 million KRW for film production, along with two sessions of professional coaching on production and post-production. In addition, the program also plans to help the final products to be screened at major film festivals in Korea, and in case of foreign film festivals, the program will provide translated subtitles and DCP production to help the finished films to be screened on a global stage. Furthermore, a chance to participate in cultural exchange events with China, Vietnam, and other countries will also be given. All copyrights and publication rights throughout the whole process will belong to the creator.

CJ Cultural Foundation has made notable achievements through 12 theater-released movies that were produced based on scenarios from the scenario-writing funding program. Examples of these movies include ‘Watcha Wearin’’, ‘Bluebeard’, ‘I Can Speak’, and a documentary film called ‘Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno’. The foundation states that the new short film production program will provide a bigger field of opportunity for new rookie screenwriters and directors, and introduce innovative new contents and talents to the film society.

An associate of CJ Cultural Foundation said, “we aim to carry out a program where the goal is not to finish a film, but to provide a starting point for dreams to come true,” he added, “we plan to develop methods with program participants where the public can engage with the finished film not only at film festivals but through online and offline, and enhance the value of the content of the film.”